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Alimosho General Hospital, Igando, joined the rest of the world to mark Drug Abuse Day with a workshop aimed at proffering solutions to prevalence of the scourge among youths in most Nigerian cities.

Speaking at the event, the Consultant Psychiatrist with the Facility, Dr. Olumide Adegbokun said the societal menace can be curbed through adherence to policy and its implementation as well as continuous advocacy on the vulnerability of youths and other victims.

He explained that although Nigeria was initially regarded as an illegal transit route from where drugs were unlawfully transported to other countries, it has now metamorphosed to a user country, noting that a huge number of people in Nigeria have gradually become users.

According to him, “Drug abuse is actually harmful use of psychoactive substance or drug for recreational use. It is influenced by voluntary endeavour during the first attempt and then alters the mind, causing changes in ethics and values through euphoric feeling on the abuser”.

Dr. Adegbokun averred that the physical indicators of an addict include blood shot eyes (scalera), unkempt look and neglected appearance.

He reiterated that the cost of rehabilitation of addicts is high and usually affects the home, oftentimes culminating into domestic violence and homicide.

The Consultant, therefore, advocated that it is imperative for parents to cultivate spiritual lifestyles that will instill good behaviour in their children and have a positiveimpact on their life choices.

He also advised that legal substances as alcohol and cigarettes should be consumed in moderation and sales of illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine, codeine andshisha should be banned by the government.

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