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A new set of beneficiaries have emerged under the Ubiquitous Boxes, U-Boxes, initiative in Lagos State, a programme introduced by the State Government to standardise the operations of vulcanizers and take them off roadsides.

The distribution of the U-Boxes is part of the empowerment programme of the Lagos Government aimed at changing the hitherto environmentally degrading mode of operations of the beneficiaries to a more dignifying trade in the State.

Speaking at the presentation of the U-Boxes to beneficiaries, the State Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Dr. (Mrs.) Lola Akande congratulated the beneficiaries and informed them of some of the conditions attached to the use of the U-Boxes.

She said “Let me congratulate the Vulcanizers Association for being the first trade to enjoy this new ‘lease of life’ as l present some of the conditions attached to the distribution of the boxes to the beneficiaries”.

Akande stated that the U-Boxes should always be made available for inspection by officials of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives from time to time within a stipulated period.

She continued that the beneficiaries must also ensure that the adverts placed on the U-Boxes are not defaced/tampered with by any member of the public, adding that the U-Box must not be relocated or moved away from its original approved location during the specified period without the express approval of the Ministry.

While noting that the U-Boxes shall continue to be the property of the State Government from the date of collection till 31st December 2023, the Commissioner, however, warned that in any case of theft, the beneficiary will have to pay a specified amount to the State Government.

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