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In preparation for AFROPOLIS Lagos 2024, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture and QDance Centre, a town hall meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, at the J Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History. 

The meeting seeks to engage the community and stakeholders in discussions about the upcoming Pan-African gathering.

The Honourable Commissioner for Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka stated that the event seeks to celebrate creativity, innovation, and community, transforming Lagos into a vibrant hub of artistic and technological excellence.

The town hall meeting will provide the Ministry of Tourism and the event co-organiser, QDance Centre, an opportunity to share insights about AFROPOLIS, its goals, and the exciting activities planned. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions, share their perspectives, and learn how they can participate in this groundbreaking event.

AFROPOLIS Lagos 2024, scheduled to take place towards the end of October through to early November 2024, will transform Onikan’s main street, JK Randle Road, into a lively arts and tech assembly. The nine-day festival will culminate in a curated marketplace over the weekend, where participants will showcase their local and international innovations and works.

Mrs. Benson-Awoyinka emphasised that the event aims to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and celebrate Africa’s rich cultural diversity. She noted that AFROPOLIS is not just an event but a movement, bringing together creatives from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and create.

Her words, “The town hall meeting is a crucial step in ensuring that the community is fully engaged and prepared to be part of this unique celebration of African creativity and innovation.

“It will provide detailed information about the planned activities and how they aim to promote unity and community engagement. Additionally, it will offer a platform for stakeholders to discuss the potential impacts and benefits of the AFROPOLIS event for the local community”, she added.

Lagos, known as the largest black cultural melting pot in the world, is currently undergoing an authentic cultural revolution. The city’s creative scene spans music, fashion, gaming, tech, design, film, dance, AI, and research. It is a hotbed of young talent staking their claims on the world stage and influencing global cultural trends.

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