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The Chairman, Committee on Health Services, Hon. Olusegun Olulade of the Lagos State House of Assembly together with the Health Faculty Monitoring and Accreditation Agency went on an inspection tour of the Randle General Hospital and the Maternal Child Care Centre Surulere to ensure that hospital facilities are functioning well, properly managed and maintained.

According to the Chairman, the visits was to ensure that all state government hospitals and primary health care centers’ health facilities are functioning effectively and efficiently and prevent the use of illegal health facilities which could pose danger to patients in hospitals.

The Chairman was taken round the wards, starting from the casualty ward to the male and female surgical wards, the Pharmacy, Laboratory, X-ray units and the material child care centre.

Hon. Olulade commended members of staff of the different departments within the hospital and encouraged them to keep up the good work; he also enjoined them to contribute their own quota to support the state government in the area of development so that every citizen will enjoy good medical health care service.

In addition, he commended the Medical Director Dr. Olakunle Oni for his unrelenting efforts in maintaining the hospital facilities while he assured that there would be results where repairs and renovations are required.

Dr. Oni, remarked on the need to change some obsolete equipment in the hospital for better health care service delivery while he also expressed the need for additional hands in the area of medical personnel as the numbers of doctors on ground are too few for the population of patients received daily.

This, he said, would help to reduce the stress on the few doctors on ground, as doctors’ health is equally important.

In addition, he indicated that inadequate supply of drugs is also a challenge as well as office space constraint, emphasizing the need to spread out where some offices are choked up to ensure convenience and create a more conducive work environment for staffers.

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