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The Lagos State Local Government Election Appeal Tribunal has received 22 petitions from aggrieved candidates against the pronouncementsof the Lagos State Local Government Election Petition Tribunals.

The Chairperson of the 2017 Local Government Election Appeal Tribunal, Justice G.M Onyeabo, disclosed on Wednesday during the inaugural sitting of the tribunal.

Justice Onyeabo, while soliciting maximum cooperation from the Bar to ensure prompt completion of the tribual’s task, maintained that “any application for enlargement of time for the doing of an act or taking a step shall not be granted in such a manner as to extend the time for the determination of the Appeal beyond the 21 days prescribed”.

He assured all petitioners and Learned Counsel that the panel will be fair to all parties while abiding strictly by the rules; he implored all stakeholders not to hobnob with members of the panel and tribunal staff.

The tribunal, which had earlier been inaugurated on Monday, 23rd October, 2017 pursuant to Section 7 of the Local Government Election Tribunal Law 2008, will hear and determine the appeals in 21 days.


Other members of the tribunal are Justices: O. Kasali, A. Onigbanjo, O. A Dabiri and K. A Jose.

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