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Lagos State Government has warned all residents in the State against illegal connections to public water supply channels, just as it announced improved water supply in Lagos.

A statement issued today by the Lagos State Water Corporation noted that the heavy investment of the present administration on provision and delivery of potable water supply to the residents of the State has started yielding results with improved water supply across the State.

It revealed that the issues of burst-pipes and leakages being experienced in some parts of the State resulted from infringement on LWC water mains and pipes during road repairs, installation of communication equipment by organisations and illegal connection by residents.

The statement, therefore, implored those working on Lagos roads to work with LWC at locations where its facilities might be affected to prevent unnecessary damages to water mains and pipes thereby resulting in water wastages.

While warning the general public to stay away from fully charged water mains to avert the loss of lives, it informed that the Corporation is presently increasing the tempo of production as the major waterworks are now working at their optimal designed capacity.

The statement reminded residents to call LWC Customer Care lines on 07045973012, 07045973013 or visit any of the LWC zonal offices nearest to them for new water connections and to report water pipe bursts, leakages and wastages.

The Corporation can also be contacted through the E-mail address:; Facebook: Lagos Water Corporation; Twitter: @lagoswater and Instagram: Lagos_water.

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