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. . . says nobody is licensed to park trucks in listed areas

The Lagos State Government on Thursday denounced purported claims by some highly placed politicians as well as owners and drivers of articulated vehicles that the State has permitted them to park under the Marine Bridge, Ijora and other adjoining areas in Apapa.

A statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello, asserted that the State has neither created any temporary park under the Marine Bridge nor anywhere in Apapa and Ijora to accommodate articulated trucks, insisting that any truck found in the prohibited areas forthwith should be towed away.

Bello affirmed the State government’s total support of the directives of President Muhammadu Buhari to clear all the trucks illegally parked in Apapa and will do everything possible to ensure compliance and effectiveness of the instruction.

“The State Government has not given any approval or permit to any politician, individuals, owners, no matter how highly placed or corporate bodies to park articulated vehicles under the Marine Bridge, Ijora, other bridges or the major roads and setbacks in Apapa”, he maintained.

He added that the State Government has given the go-ahead to all security agencies to be deployed for the clearing exercise not to spare any illegally parked trucks in Apapa or its environs immediately the exercise commences.

The SSG reiterated the commitment of the State Government to ensure the re-beautification and landscaping of all the setbacks and parks presently illegally occupied by the trucks.

He recalled that six years ago, the setbacks under the Marine Bridge were beautified by the State Government but were degraded by the activities of truck drivers and owners who have defied all appeals.

He assured residents of the State and Apapa in particular that the inconveniences presently being experienced as a result of the unwholesome activities of the trucks will soon come to a permanent end.

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