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General Hospital, Ijede has successfully concluded a free cancer screening exercise for members of the public in collaboration with Abraham Abiodun Balogun (AAB) Foundation, His Glory Evangelical Mission and Sebeccly Cancer Care.

The Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Dr. Abimbola Sunday Okudero said the free cancer screening was held to stem the tide of rising cases of cancer in the State, create awareness among the general public about the deadly disease and intimate residents on the importance of early detection to any form of cancer.

His words: “The role of early detection cannot be overemphasised as it will save lives. It is cost effective and can easily be managed, but when people present late cases of cancer, it becomes difficult to manage, it costs more and survival rate is slim because symptoms do not show until the late stage”.

“We are therefore glad to know that a total of 300 women and 100 men beneffited from the free cancer screening exercise”.

Dr. Okudero described cancer as the proliferation of cells growing abnormally in any part of the body, adding that breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancers, Leukemia, amongst others, are the various types we have in our environment.

While maintaining that breast cancer is the second most common in women,  the MD added that cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer also in women while prostate cancer is the most common and second leading cause of death among men world wide.

“Lump in the breast or under the armpit, skin changes, loss of appetite, weight loss, amongst others, are some of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.  Also, burning sensation or pain, urinary retention, sudden erectile dysfunction, difficulty in starting urination and so on are signs of prostate cancer.

“Because of the common nature of breast, cervical and prostate cancers in both women and men respectively, the free cancer screening exercise was targeted at these three main common causes of cancer in both gender”, he said.

He averred that early symptoms of cervical cancer are usually virginal bleeding, foul and smelly virginal discharge with blood stains, especially during sexual intercourse, while pelvic pain may be a late symptom.

To prevent the risk of developing cancer, he appealed to the general public to go for regular screening for early detection and diagnosis, maintain a healthy weight, hygiene and so on.

The Founder, AAB Foundation, Evangelist Abraham Abiodun Balogun said the motive of the screening was to impart people’s lives by sharing information  on cancer related issues and help those who might test positive.

The Evangelist said: “It is also part of our corporate social responsibility, a way of giving back to the society by emphasising the importance of regular screening at least once in three years for early detection as it can be successfully managed for a meaningful life”.

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