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The Chairman, Lagos State Audit Service Commission, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adepeju Adegbuji-Onikoyi has pledged to strengthen its partnership with Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC) for the enhancement of the Lagos State’s capacity-building through learning and development. 

She gave the pledge during the courtesy visit of the Director-General, Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre (PSSDC), Mr. Adekunmilola Toluwase Adio-Moses and his Management team to the Lagos State Audit Service Commission. 

She said that the Commission is committed to partnering with PSSDC because the Centre has provided effective services in their previous collaborations in training Auditors which were very satisfactory. 

Adegbuji-Onikoyi commended the PSSDC’s Management as being resourceful, experienced and dedicated in the delivery of their training, adding that the ambience of PSSDC is conducive to effective learning and development. 

She, however, urged the Centre to provide more on work ethics to the auditors during training as they are lagging behind in this area, advocating the provision of more knowledge on the Nigerian constitution in order for the participants to be well informed of their rights. 

The Chairman also averred that most auditors are not familiar with the Information System Audit Control (ISAC), the new modern way of auditing, imploring PSSDC to work with the Commission in training auditors on its use so as to enhance their performances.  

Congratulating the Director-General of PSSDC, Mr. Adekunmilola Toluwase Adio-Moses, on his recent appointment, Adegbuji-Onikoyi noted that he has inherited a resourceful, experienced and formidable Management team which has been contributing to the growth of PSSDC.  

Director-General, PSSDC, Mr. Adekunmilola Toluwase Adio-Moses, in his response, appreciated the Chairman and her team for their support and partnership with PSSDC, adding that he cherished the esteemed relationship between both agencies. 

He, therefore, assured the Commission of providing better services by expanding courses and including more of audit and auditing in the content of their training. 

Mr. Adekunmilola Toluwase Adio-Moses also encouraged the Audit Service Commission to partner with PSSDC in other activities such as team bonding exercises in order to effectively work together.  

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