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The President of the Lagos State Public Service Club (LSPSC) Tpl. Adeniyi Oloko,  has advocated for exemplary leadership in Nigeria. 

Oloko expressed this view in his address at the 7th annual edition of the Ramadan Lecture of the Lagos State Public Service Club, held recently in Ikeja.

According to Oloko, “With a keen awareness of the current state of affairs in the country, the lecture topic: ‘Qualities of a Good Leader from an Islamic Perspective’ was thoughtfully selected to address the pressing need for exemplary leadership in Nigeria. As the nation grapples with various challenges, I believe the topic holds valuable insights and guidance for effective leadership from the Islamic standpoint”.

“Gratefully, given the prevailing socio-political climate of our nation, the timing of this event during the sacred month of Ramadan presented a unique opportunity to shed light on the essential qualities that exemplify exemplary leadership from an Islamic perspective, making it a particularly relevant and meaningful topic for the occasion”, President said. 

He urged Muslims and those present to engage in deep introspection and contemplation, evaluating their current circumstances and reflecting upon their actions and behaviours.

The Chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Adekunle Ajanaku, a former Permanent Secretary in the Lagos State Civil Service, congratulated the President and other executives of the Lagos State Public Service Club for their steadfastness and dedication in upholding the cherished tradition of the Ramadan Lecture. 

Ajanaku further emphasised the need to broaden the understanding of leadership to encompass all strata of society, highlighting that the principles of good leadership are applicable across different domains and beyond the realm of politics. 

In his lecture titled: “Qualities of a Good Leader from an Islamic Perspective”, Dr. Mustapha Bello, the Head of the Islamic Studies Unit, at the Lagos State University, challenged the common assumption that discussions on leadership should solely focus on political leaders. Bello eloquently articulated that leadership is a multifaceted concept that transcends various levels of society, ranging from the micro to the macro level. 

“Leadership from the point of view of Islam is an individual responsibility, we must equip individuals with the capacity to lead at every point in time, in Islamic prayer, the Imam leads the congregation in prayer, and it is their responsibility to complete the prayer on behalf of the congregation. However, if the Imam is unable to finish the prayer due to illness, fatigue, or any other reason, another person, usually a designated substitute or another member of the congregation, may step forward to lead the prayer and ensure that it is completed properly”, Bello said.

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